Respite & Day Program

Our respite care service provides you and your carer an opportunity to have a short break or stay away from home. It is usually planned in advance and can be from a few hours to a few weeks depending on your circumstance.

  • Care for overnight in your home if you need some time to take a rest
  • Assistance to access a day, short-term, overnight and emergency respite at our centre.
  • Regular planned respite care services, or services in response to an unexpected event.

Our day programs are designed to focus on independent living skills training, developing social skills and building confidence. With a wide range of activities and lifestyle programs, we work with you and your carer to develop the program options to suit your needs and NDIS goals.

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Our Clients' Success Stories!

Behind every smile, there’s a story waiting to be told.

I am very happy with my services. I find they help me cope a lot with independent living, and this keeps me out of the mental health hospitals.
Ms. Hanna
I am so grateful to know you and your services. I am receiving not only carer services but also emotional support from P L Care services. I hope this priceless relationship with P & L care services continues for a long time.
I feel very blessed very honoured to have beautiful folks like you looking out for me. Thank you. Thank you, God, for all my blessings.
Miss Cho
The service is FANTASTIC, are you kidding me? FANTASTIC. The best! Ms. Yuna is my angel, Ms. Kelly is my angel! They are like a blossom nowadays, you know? For me, life is good now. It's a difficult journey but life is getting better.
Mdm. Kamsiah
They can incorporate what we want and what NDIS wants… so there’s no conflict of interest. So, it just fits so nicely. We get out top service, you know? Top service from the funding we get! And it all started from being a good listener. I can say this is just AWESOME - the service. And because it’s achievable, it gives us the utmost benefit in the healing aspect of our condition. I won’t change (them) for anything in the world.
Mdm. Faridah